PaperColor Theme v1.0

This is an import from my own blog post in 2015 when I open-sourced my Vim color scheme that had received a warm welcome from many Vim users and inspired others to port to different platforms and create different UI projects. This was before Visual Studio Code/Atom era, and yet, there are even more Vim users now as I see the number of downloads grow higher every day. PaperColor currently gets 1500+ downloads every 2 weeks.

After years of improvements since the last release, I think it’s time for PaperColor to reach an official 1.0 release.
Below is the story behind PaperColor copied from the original post.

I started using Linux and Vim last Summer, and one of the first things I did in Vim, as I would do in any code editor, was to find a decent color scheme. I was surprised by how useful and colorful the terminal could be. Coming from Windows background, I realized how much I missed out. In the beginning, I was happy with the themes I found, but as soon as I worked with less mainstream languages, most of the themes don’t work well enough. Or, some work on these languages but not on the others, so I had to switch theme based on the language I was programming, and it quickly became annoying. So, I decided to create my own color scheme.