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We provide cloud solutions & development services to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals with technologies. Contact us for more information!

Alexa Skill Development

“Alexa, ask YOUR BRAND anything
Design conversational voice interfaces and implement a complete A.I. assistant for your business

Web Scraper Development

Extract and transform unstructured data from websites into high-quality structured format ready for data analytics or consumed via API endpoints

Web Design & Marketing

Create great-looking, responsive websites for businesses, events, and campaigns with marketing strategies to increase customer conversion rate

Alexa Skill Development

Bring A. I. to Your Business

Today, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing have enabled voice interfaces to advance at an exponential rate in industries of all kinds. People are more comfortable interacting with machines through natural language. Whether you or your business need an A.I. assistant or to provide new ways for customers to engage with your brand, we are here to help. At DEPHONY, we design, engineer, certify, and manage Alexa Skills for you.

Recent Work

Defense Contracts

Alexa Flash Briefing Skills for latest contract awards from the US Air Force, Navy, and Army. Daily update from the Pentagon.
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CS Guru

Interactive Alexa Skill to practice Computer Science concepts and algorithm design for cracking the technical interview.
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Web Scraper Development

Data as a Service

We build web scraping platforms to transform unstructured data on the Internet into high-quality structured data to be consumed by our customers’ applications. DEPHONY provides a fully managed solution tailored specifically to your application to improve business outcomes and enable intelligent decision making through actionable data.

Winning with Data

Get ahead in this era of digital transformation by leveraging data to help you plan, market, sell, and innovate.

Data Analytics

Data is the new economic asset. You’re challenged to figure out how to use it to your advantage. We help you get there.

Flexible Data Format

SQL, Excel, CSV, JSON, XML and more. Not sure which one? We will find what most suitable for your use case.

Zero Configuration

No need for complicated settings. Simply specify the requirements in plain English. Our engineers will take care of the rest.

Secured Data Access

Secured online API end points for accessing the data programatically or downloading bulk data files manually.

Cloud Integration

Already have a cloud architecture? We can integrate with your existing workflow. We are cloud native. 

Web Design & Marketing

Empower Your Online Presence

A strong online presence is the key for your digital marketing strategies, and your website is right at the center of it all. Not only it is where you send potential customers to, this is also how they can discover you, by themselves. DEPHONY helps you get it right with stunning web design and advertising packages to improve customer conversion rate.

Customize for Your Brand

No two businesses are the same. We build the web experience specifically for your business.

Responsive Design

Adapt dynamically to different web browsers to look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Online Shopping and Payment

Get your online business up and running to sell products or services and receive payment directly. 

Search Engine Optimization

Improve your brand’s visibility and discoverability on search engines, using white-hat methods. 

Digital Marketing

Tailor digital marketing strategies to your business and develop multiple sales funnels. 

Secured and Trusted

Include SSL certificates to secure communications to protect information for you and your customers.

Our Priority

Security First

Security of your data and systems is where we start. Our goal is not just creating products but also securing products. We define a useful product as one that can provide users utilities and safety when they use it.

All communications and transactions are securely encrypted. We apply best practices guided by Cyber Security experts and audit the systems periodically with latest software updates.

Multiple Layers of Protection

Our systems are replicated across multiple data centers, and we have many network distributions serving as front gates to prevent attacks before they even reach our servers. The purpose is to stop cyber attacks on different levels, so they never reach the core of the system and essential sensitive data.


Orange County, California, USA

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